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What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage was brought to the West by Narendra Mehta MBE in the 1970s.  It evolved from traditional techniques that have been practised in India as part of family rituals for over a thousand years. These techniques were based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system using the upper chakras. 

It involves massage to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. Massage is well known to cleanse and maintain the health of the body. Head massage helps to relieve stress related problems including headaches, eyestrain and neck and shoulder stiffness. As muscles relax, blood flow improves helping to relax your whole body and alleviate anxiety. Indian Head Massage has many physical benefits but also mental and subtle benefits including helping to balance the chakras.

At Liberty Therapies Indian Head Massage is practised with you sitting in an armless chair with a sarong or towel wrapped around you so that your shoulders can be esily accessed. You can bring your own sarong/towel or use ours.

The treatment begins with a neck and shoulder massage routine to help release tension, stiffness and knots from the area. The head is worked on next. The scalp is rubbed, gently tapped and squeezed and the hair is tussled and combed through using the fingers. Pressure points in the ears are gently worked on and finally accupressure points in the face are worked on to stimulate circulation, increase alertness and relieve sinus pressure.

Deep breathing is practised during the session to further encourage relaxation. 

Indian Head Massage can cause suppressed emotions and negative energy to be released helping you to feel more positive rejuvenated and uplifted.

It is advised that you rest after the treatment and drink lots of water to further cleanse your body.

Please note: Massage routines are not reccomended during the first trimester os pregnancy. This may be longer if there is a history of miscarriage. If you have any concerns please consult your GP before booking. There are a few contraindications  to receiving an Indian Head Massage. These will be discussed with you during consultation if relevant.

​Indian Head Massage treatment

​Seated Indian Head Massage treatment with Reiki

Massage treatment to neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp, ears and face

Fee: £35​

Duration: 45 minutes (approx)

Indian Head Massage treatment with Reiki

Seated Indian Head Massage treatment with Reiki

Massage treatment to neck, shoulders, upper arms, scalp, ears and face

Reiki performed at the end of massage treatment

Fee: £40

Duration: 60 minutes (approx)